"Calibrating" message on my Fluke TiR1

Hi guys

Im new to the world of IR Imaging so please forgive me if my question sounds primitive. I have recently bought Fluke TiR1 thermal imaging camera as I will need it for the dissertation. I feel like a little kid with my new toy scanning everything around me. However, every so often approx. 1min screen freezes for approx. 1sec while it says “calibration” on the screen and goes back to normal operation.

I wonder if there are any TiR1 users that could tell me if that’s something that I should worry about and could possibly indicate a faulty unit or this is is completely normal.

Kind regards

Mariusz Podogrski

Normal and necessary imager operation

William is correct.

NUC = Non-Uniformity Correction

It is correcting for temperature variations and drift across the focal plane array. One the camera has been on for a while, in the environment that you are scanning in this will occur less frequently. On some imagers you can manually invoke the NUC process. You best, most accurate images will be produced immidiately after a NUC operation. When I’m trying to created the most detailed / accurate image that I can, I will NUC the imager just before capturing the image

More info: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f58/thermal-sensitivity-vs-thermal-accuracy-63520/#post814629