FLUKE TiR1 For Sale

2 Year old, lightly used. $3,850


Good Cam Dan, I hope you can sell it to someone in need of a good Thermal Imager.

Please post a few pictures of images as of today, for review. When was the last calibration?

Thanks in advance

How often do infrared cameras require calibration?

IR cameras need calibration when they need calibration. Unit is 2 yrs old

Some Pics included.






Good afternoon. My company is involved in installation and maintenance of heating and water. Now I open a new direction for the firm-energy audit of buildings, searching for water leaks. In this regard, I am interested in a used thermal imager like Fluke Tir or Flir in good condition.
Please e-mail: venedikta1@ukr.net
Best, regards.

Wow, Dan… an offer from the Ukraine!! How can you pass this deal up??


Still got your fluke for sale?




NIST requires every 2 years.

All Flukes come with NIST standard. FLIR and Testo cams it is an option and addition cost. $400 on FLIR and I think the same on Testo.

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What is with picture over picture? lolololol

How often do you get your imagers calibrated? What if you are only doing roof inspections and your within ±2% why calibrate when you’re not taking precise temperature measurements?

You have your certification via Infraspection correct? I know checking calibration is covered in their level II, so I assuming you already check your own.

NIST is just for specific jobs. So there are basically two reasons to have it up to date.

1 - You do jobs that require that all your instrumentation has to be up to date on calibration/certification (NIST in some cases).

2 - You are worried about potential litigation where your instrumentation calibration can be called in to question. IE - The police man’s radar gun hasn’t been calibrated in X amount of months, therefor it could be out of calibration. People can and do get out of speeding tickets this way.

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Yes, I hi-jacked your thread Dan…lol. I will tell anyone looking at this camera, we sold it to Dan a couple of years ago. He takes very good care of his equipment. If any potential buyers are worried about the warranty (and I can still add one on to it) I can give you my cost on a Fluke extended warranty.


Thanks Jason,
I was trying to make a point that annual calibration is not necessary unless you are doing electrical inspections or other applications that require precise temperature measurement. A home inspector that uses his thermal imager for nothing but moisture / intrusion inspections in the course of his home inspections can go for years without a calibration. A periodic calibration check is all that may be necessary. Some get the impression that they have to spend $1000 annually to calibrate their I-5.:wink:
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