California Code for Mini Split System

Im wondering if there is a code for the condensate drain line inside of the wall. Does the drain have to be copper or can it be 3/8 plastic tubing? Ive been unable to find the correct answer.
Thanks, Corey

I can count the number of copper condensate lines I’ve seen on one finger. Don’t know if you’ll find a code or not but I’ve always seen them in PVC from the attic running down.

I’ve only seen PVC used for condensate line on residential.

I agree though 3/4" would be more typical for a two story run…

Agree with that. I’ve only seen 3/8" in RV’s.

The size of drain fitting at the indoor coil would dictate minimum size, pvc is rated for this, that’s why we see it

The op was talking about mini split, the few I’ve seen or installed allowed for the supplied flexible tubing, but where covered by the soffit kits, so I guess some of it depends on model, but I doubt seeing vinyl tubing exposed to elements and subject to damage would be OK, or approved method by Manu