Number of InterNACHI members in California tops 1,400.

InterNACHI Membership Stats - InterNACHI

Yet, only the same 4 - 5 people post in here year after year.

Looks like a healthy mix of posts/user:

i was referring to just California.

You say there are 1400 members in California.

But the only people who post regularly in California section of the forum are
Tim Spargp
Jeff Pope
Frank Rotte
Scot Baker
Keith Silvas
Eric Richards
Mike Hazelwood

Less than 10 out of 1400.

Come on California, speak up!

Speaking up. :slight_smile:

We are on the wrong coast to be cared about. It’s apparent by who starts the majority of threads and who always reports on state specific issues. Get more updates from the CREIA site as much as that pains me to type.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area and lived there for 50 years. Back in the day 1989 the only way to be sure you would get a competent home inspection was to use a inspector that held a valid California contractors license. Training has changed alot since then. Check out my attachment several real estate offices have asked to come to our office for a presentation

Then you get an ad from Washington.:roll:

I only have time to read the posts. Rarely have the need to post. I don’t know how some of you can do it. I already feel like my business is 24/7

Good to hear from you, Darrell. Glad to hear you’re doing well.