California laws

Hi everyone,
I am looking to see if anyone is familiar with mold testing in the state of California. I have just completed my IAQ2 certification and would like to make sure this is appropriate to do mold testing in California? I would like to know if there are any other requirements that I need to meet before I start doing mold testing in California? Also is anyone familiar with labs close to me in the Los Angeles area, I need to get supplies, tools, and pricing info.
Thanks for your help.
Justin Murcia

What training did you get?

Hi Paul,
I completed 2- 12 hours courses that NACHI offers (mold inspection and advanced mold inspection), and after you complete that you are certified through IAC2 International Association of certified Indoor Air Consultants.
Thanks, Justin

Great course to take…but with that training do you think you are qualified to do a environmental inspection that may effect the quality of life of the occupants that will be in the home?

I only ask this because I have 3 nephews that are in this business and have extensive training that goes far and beyond the classes you mentioned and all agree that it only brushes the surface of inspecting, sample testing, lab result review and remediation of environmental concerns including mold.

I myself was going to get the same certification but chose not to because the liability is not worth it and if I need this type of inspection for a client I refer them to my nephews or someone local that has the same qualifications as they do.

Not knocking the online class but just saying its only a starting point. Hope this helps

Oh, and ProLab is local to you.

Thank you for the help Paul