California Limits Single-Family Home Zoning

Has anyone at NACHI looked in to see how this change will impact our profession… First California, then Florida and soon it’s everywhere. Crazy.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed legislation allowing the construction of duplexes on most properties with one home, a severe curtailing of single-family zoning in a state struggling with some of the nation’s highest housing prices.

The legislation, a long-sought goal for proponents of more housing construction, also makes it easier to divide existing lots into two, potentially providing the opportunity for four homes to be built where one was previously allowed.

What’s odd is every Single Family Home in California was already eligible to add two units: a backyard plus an internal unit. I work on those all the time…


I don’t see this changing my inspection business at all. We often inspect duplexes and homes with guest houses. I it just more of the same IMO. I also have rental properties, in this regard it is pretty interesting, and we are looking at potentially adding units where it makes sense.