Slow Around Here

No news is good news?

Well, every since Assemblyman Matt Dababneh caught got with his hands in the wrong set of pants, the call for licensing went away since that was his bill.

The bill to impose a tax on services like home inspections died, but as long as Assemblyman Bob Hertzberg remains in office, he’ll just bring it up again next year.

The big issue on the ballot will be the repeal of restrictions on rent control laws. C.A.R. is fighting hard on that one. We’ll see. Though it doesn’t help that the way the law and proposal to change the law is written than many people will be confused on what a yes or no vote actually means.

In the meantime, I actually found a fence that complied with 1 of the 7 aspects of the California Pool Safety Act. But it was still missing the 2nd element, not mention missing proper bounding, ground fault protection, and freedom from structural defects.