Call out this deck ledger attached to overhang?

My first reaction was to call out the deck ledger improperly attached to an overhang, but this is on a townhome and EVERY unit has it like this so I’m questioning if the setup could be OK. Since the attachment is a couple feet above the bottom of the overhang, I’m thinking/wondering if the ledger could be attached to studs/blocking/etc., instead of a rim joist that has no support under it and could pull away. Wanted to get some thoughts on this before I call it out as improper and a safety hazard.

If I can’t see what it is attached (concealed by finishes) to and the fasteners (just seeing the head of a fastner doesn’t tell you what it is) involved I call it out.

I’m pretty sure that you cannot not attach a ledger of a deck to a cantilever. Just because they are all like that doesn’t mean it’s right.

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All kinds of things to write up on that deck, balcony or whatever it is.

that was my understanding as well…pretty much never under any circumstances

There had to have been an engineered architectural drawing and code inspection for a condo complex.

Because it was a condo complex (built in 1998), I figured there had to be engineered drawings and inspection, which is why I was questioning myself and wanted to get other thoughts before I put out there that I think it’s improper. The other ends of the joists are attached to a double 2" nominal beam, and my understanding is the whole beam has to rest on the 6x6 post (only one 2x8 rests on the post), so it’s another defect I was going to point out. I reference the Wood Deck Construction Guide all the time and both of these items are listed in there.

It is improper and a potential safety hazard…I mean, look at the ledger connections (forgetting the overhang), they are way too few and far between…IMHO

And…you read about balconies and decks at condos collasping all the time.

Yeah, I caught that too. The ledger is nailed in along with a few 1/2" bolts/screws, so I was just going to call it out but not sound the alarms, but you make a good point that all of these are adding up. Talking this out helped. Between the actual attachment, the overhang, the beam not resting fulling on the post, and no diagonal bracing at the corner posts parallel with the beam, I’m feeling pretty good about the decision to write hard on this one. Thanks fellas.

is this a balcony or just a roof over the patio?

Situations like this are common with condos and townhomes. No problem to call it out. If the client inquires with the HOA about it they will probably receive a satisfactory answer that will discourage them from pursuing any further action. No biggie. What’s important is that you did your job and covered your ass. This kind of thing will not kill a deal.

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Like John Holmes, said, you have to cover yourself so that when that thing collapses one day they cannot come back to you and say you did not warn them. Report the observation and recommend a Deck Professional make the call on if it is safe or not.

It’s a deck/balcony off of the 2nd level which covers the patio on the ground level.
I’m not worried about killing the deal - that’s not why I was asking. I didn’t want to be an alarmist and call out something if it was possible the setup was proper, and maybe I would learn something I wasn’t aware of.
As I always understood it, the danger of attaching to an overhang is nothing is supporting the rim joist at the end of the cantilevered joists and loads on the deck can pull the rim joist down and separate. Since this was several feet above the bottom of the overhang, I was wondering if anyone has seen a satisfactory setup like this where the deck ledger attached to a supported rim joist (apparently not). I had plenty else to call out about the deck, as Larry, Marcel, and a few others pointed out, so no matter what there were material defects going in the report. I was just trying to figure out if I should include this as well.
I realize nothing will be done about it because the HOA will place their limitations on making changes and the client will most likely be satisfied with any response he receives.
Thanks everyone!