Can anyone figure out the splicing

So many splices in the panel and some breakers not used. What gives?

Already recommended an electrical contractor to re-evaluate.

To me from the limited information one of several things have happened

  1. New panel was installed (looks older though)
  2. Panel was moved
  3. there is a generator wired or there WAS a generator wired somewhere at one time.

Those are my guesses.

So what is the issue?
You can splice in the panel. You can have spare breakers in a panel.

This is an FPE panel. Some inspectors would say replace and others would not.

I don’t see anything that would indicate a generator. I could be wrong.

typically they splice into another panel and run from the original panel to a “generator panel”.

Based on the sizes of the wires (larger spliced to smaller) and the bare EGCs, it looks like they pig-tailed solid strand aluminum wires. Hard to tell from the photo.

Looks like the panel has been replaced or moved as Russell said