Generator hook up

This is a main panel with a generator panel as a sub panel. the wires in the main panel (70 amp) ( heater a/c sump pump and other circuits) have been spliced to the generator panel. the generator has a switch gear when the power goes out at the main panel the generator starts. the question is I always write up slices in the main panel. is the installation OK for a generator panel?

Article 312.8 allows splices in panels.

I would be concerned with the working space also.

OK . did not get it right , I know that splices are allowed, (I always write it up for an electrician to evaluate) not my job to figure out is it’s 40 %- 70 %, my concern is that it is spliced to a sub panel to another breaker . Got the working room for sure.

I agree with Mike you do not have the required working space. Just curious as to why you would write up splices when they are permitted by the NEC?


It is very hard to reach the gutter fill limits the code allows.

The splices like that are common when a generator panel is used alongside them service panel.