Can anyone help me date this furnace?

Duo Matic/Olsen

serial # 12484

You don’t like the date it states on the label?

The date is a “Test Date”… Is that the same as the date of manufacture?

Well, first sending flowers to let it know you like it, may be helpful…:p:):mrgreen:

But, seriously, I am not familiar with that make. But, if the test date is 1982, 84 in the serial number seems like a reasonable number…but the color looks older to me.

Not sure.

But it is 30 years old.

Probably not very efficient and nearing the end or more of its service life.

It would be odd to list the date a National Lab tested it. Very odd.

I’m thinking that was the final test before it shipped from the factory.

Flowers it is!

I suppose that the two years, (82 vs 84) means very little at this point.

Thank you both.

This doesn’t seem to work:

I tried that… The name is slightly different (DUO vs Dura). Olsen did not have this format either.

Could it be as simple as 12-4-1984?