Olsen Furnace Age

Could someone help with age of an Olsen FurnaceThe serial # is 4409B012908

Feburary 2009:)

44th week of 2009

Could someone help me with this Olsen serial number

S/N = 10846BCQL

Every where I have looked only lists 4 digits before the letter, not 5. The blower fan is dater 1996, but who knows if it is original.

Thanks in advance.

Call Olsen (Canada) @ 519.627.0791

Please post here what you find out.


The date is 1996. I talked to a very helpfull technician. He has agreed to send me helpful package via email to date Olsen furnaces. I will share when it is recieved. Thanks again.

Good deal Tim. It will help us all. :slight_smile: