Can anyone help me identify this insulation

1934 home.
Loose fill insulation as well as blanket material.
I am having a hard time identifying. Can anyone help me out?

Balsam Wool would be my guess. :slight_smile:

Marcel is correct. I have that evil material in my home. :slight_smile:

First photo just looks like fiberglass, but I don’t know if you were asking about it.

First photo look like rock wool.

That crap make me itch like crazy.

Thanks Marcel, Cameron and Micheal… I thought that the loose fiber was called “Rock Wool” but I was uncertain if that was really what it was called. As to the the batts I had no idea what they were.
I appreciate your help!

The first photo is blown fiberglass. Rock wool is much darker in color and usually in batts.

Ok, now I am confused…

I think Mike’s right. It’s balled up like rockwool is. It is pretty clean looking but that may just be because of the flash.