Trying to ID this insulation

House built in 1936. This insulation is in the mostly-floored attic. It is white and it’s consistency is like heavy fiberglass. It has a black paper vapor barrier.
Thank you.

Looks like Rock wool and this home seems to be leaking a lot of air into attic causing the dust,smoke stain on the Insulation .

that would be my thoughts as well…

Thanks Roy and James. I was thinking rock wool, but not sure. That pic was taken at the eave. No soffit vents, just gable and roof vents. The whole-house fan probably pushes a lot of air around up there.

I do not know if I would be as specific as rock wool.
Blown in Mineral Wool would be more of a narrative to be on the safe side. Do not box yourself in a wise mentor told me.
Now I could be off base but rook wool is not a cloud like in texture.
Here is a bat form.

I agree with Roy.Rock wool with lots of dirty dust from infiltration.

Ever going to use your own observation Marc?
Gees I can agree all day with an inspector that has years of experience.
just asked.
never hurts to try one on your own you know.

explain your hypotheses. texture, color, smell?

**Rock Wool, Mineral Wool, & Slag Wool Building Insulation Identification **
Just to add to the confusion about what to call this insulation, the insulation industry calls a range of products “mineral wool” and includes under that name: fiberglass, slag wool, and rock wool
Blown in “suspect” damp applied mineral wool.
Slag wool is a manmade vitreous fiber made by spinning slag into insulating fibers. Some rockwool producers use nearly pure recycled steel slag.

Mineral wool insulation, slag wool insulation, and “rock wool” insulation would not be expected to contain asbestos fibers. I see no material.
Asbestos mineral wool.
cape code cottages insulated with craft paper and mineral wool like substance with horse hair and vermiculite. Its per Liby mine days so I suspect asbestos is not present.
If you have any articles on pre 1950’s craft paper insulation I love to have a link.
Thanks in advance.

Opps getting ahead of myself.
Cotton insulating batts were installed in many homes in the U.S. from about 1935 to 1950, and this material has recently seen a surge in new interest as a “green” building material.
Hope that helps.
Here is an insulation table.

Sorry Marc. B.
I will mind my P’s and Q’s. Good effort.

It’s called vermiculite…

Not even close to any Vermiculite I have seen …

That is NOT vermiculite. Nothing like it.

you are joking I hope…

Now members, lets not be to hard on Justin’s effort… We all try and learn through membership mentoring new members Just peering the newbe for the right examples on the message board. We strengthen them.
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Have I seen something like that photo resembling an enveloped or mixed material vermiculite.
I have seem an insulation in a pre 1950. s Cape Code cottage attic and walls in the upper floors. Also the surrounding the large 2 upper bedroom closest and in between the floor joists on the lower floor in the basement. A shaq.
It resembled the substance in the picture.
When marc A. said it was dirty it rang a bell. No its not the tinnitus in my ears. Get real guys.

It looked quite similar minus the vermiculite and horse hair.
Now the suspect vermiculite was in the battening on a brown waxed Kraft paper. A large majority of the insulation was stripped off the kraft paper and left in between the ceiling joists exposed.
It did resemble to some degree what we looked at in the photo below.
Keep on trying J.

Here is some information on asbestos.
I am trying to get information of asbestos in rock wool.

that was too funny Robert love it

Whoa, I should have my eyes checked! Apologies, I just looked at the thumbnails and saw what I wanted to see. Its not even close…don’t mind me. Carry On!

Smooth move … Thanks for the reply

Sorry Justin.
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