Can anyone tell me what kind of tank this is?

found this on an inspection in in the basement on a house from 1900…looks like a range boiler?

It is right next to the boiler.


It was most likely a water heater.

It is a pressure tank for well water. I have the same equipment. Those are old and outdated. They don’t make them in galvanized steel anymore.

^^^^^^^^^^I Agree,^^^^^^^^^^^

Must have been a well at one time, house is now on city water. Thanks guys for the speedy responses.

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Agree with this except that they don’t make them in galvanized steel.


I’m sure you meant to say “Tanks guys”.

We’ll let it slide this time…

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It looks like a galvanized expansion tank. Is it plumbed to the boiler outlet?

I have the same setup; house built in 1900 as well. I’m now on city water, so all is unused. The well pump is still there (mostly); I’m thinking of setting it up to run for (yard, garden) irrigation only. Anyone want to chime in?