Can I get an Amen!

Finally. :smiley:

Well, except for the white wire used as a hot leg and not labeled as such.:slight_smile:

Party Pooper.:slight_smile:

I just didn’t want John to get over confident. :wink:

A low five? :neutral:

There is no such thing as a perfect sub-panel. Is there? :slight_smile:

nope. no such thing as a perfect house either. i had a bet with a client (old high school chum) that i could find something wrong with his “brand new built last summer” house, or the inspection was FREE. i cashed his check the same night i took him out to dinner. (fyi, double taps was all i found)

If this is a sub panel, where is the 4th conductor, the grounding conductor?

Okay, I think I see it snaking around there.

Where is the supplemental ground - this panel is outside the building not in it.

Or am I reaching?