Can Lights In Insulation

Hi Folks,

I often run into can lights in the attic. Some are marked as IC others say they can pose a fire risk if in contact with insulation. All that is pretty straight forward. How about the ones that don’t have any type of marking? Are there certain characteristics I should be looking for?



Look for the rating label or sticker under the trim ring (not on the fixture housing as seen from the attic).


Progress puts the IC sticker on the outside of the can at the top. To convert it to IC you remove the sticker and install the correct trim and bulb combination.

Not sure whom or what you’re referring to, but around here, no one moves or installs stickers of any kind on these luminaires. Even the original installers leave the assembly alone for everyone to guess…


Dom, my first comment was in response to looking for the label.

Then without the sticker removed it is technically a non-IC fixture.

No IC, no contact…

So you do that for every can light?

No, not at all.
Do you?