IC or NON-IC recessed light

I called out insulation contact with recessed lights that state (non-ic) and


The seller’s “Licensed Contractor” wrote in repair receipt:


Seems pretty obvious to me, what house was the “Licensed Contractor” in?


good catch

Looks like the contractor is correct. That light can appears to be IC rated.

How can you tell and what about the instructions?

I know you can’t read the label but the second sentence say not to install insulation within 3" of light.

I will see if I can find bigger pic.

The label is GOD

No label I would write it up - Fire is not nice

Small problem - it will take many hrs to open all possible light cans to check for labels. Esp if one has to bring in the step ladder. The label could be any where on the light. Thus “COULD NOT FIND THE LABEL on the ones that were checked”

It is not the insulation that burns but the wiring and other junk

They also should have a high temp cut off that probably does not work


I include a recessed light (and dimmer switch) disclaimer in my report.

The information contained in this publication will be helpful.

What was the name of the product manufacturer?


If the label states non-IC then it’s non-IC.

I have not seen a recessed can with a silver housing that was non-IC rated. Usually, non-IC cans have a white housing. That’s why I thought it appeared to be IC rated.

You could say:

Recessed light fixtures that are installed in insulated ceilings can represent a fire hazard if they are not suitably rated for this application. Unfortunately, it is difficult to verify that the installation has been made safely, during a home inspection. It is recommended that a licensed electrician be engaged to verify the safety of the system.