Can you have too many weep holes?

Home I inspected today had literally a weephole at every since brick. My understanding is that you need them every 24 - 32 inches but every brick seems excessive. Thoughts?

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Did you measure the size of the masonry. I try at every inspection if there is masonry veneer or solid masonry walls. I will edit the post and post an Image below once I update the computer I am on at the moment.

Masonry weep holes are at the lowest point of the masonry wall and cavity. Spacing, 267 mm (10.5 in.) apart. If the bricks are Queens, Kings, Norman in size there are no issues. As well you can not determine the cavities. Brick sizes.

Thanks but I wasn’t able to measure it. However, regardless of the size shouldn’t the 24-32in rule still apply?

Read my pervious post. Spaced 267 mm (10.5 in.)
# Weep Now or Weep Later: Moisture management and risk zones for masonry%20where%20the%20water%20is.)

Every 32" is a common spacing. But, with those bottom sill courses being virtually flat (no slope), the extra weeps would be a good thing as excess moisture will accumulate below the sills without them.

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First there is no minimum spacing by any standards or other sources. Next I expect that is new construction or fairly new? Many AHJ’s here in Texas have a masonry inspection where they require the Builder to leave out every second to fourth brick at the base so they can check for slop. Afterwards the bricks are mortared in. Possibly this missed half of the last step (vertical mortar joints).

BTW even though AHJ’s have the masonry inspection requirement doesn’t mean they actually look. I’ve seen and had clients tell me they still see lots of slop after the masonry inspection.