Can you help to identify this?

Not sure what I’m looking at here. Home was built in the 50’s. I’ve inspected others in the area and have never seen this.The concrete column is below a bedroom and there are no walls or roof load at this point.

Thanks for looking.

Maybe it was added to help support a water bed.

Kinda resembles old chimney/flue liner.

I was thinking chimney also, but attic does not suggest that. Also it’s location in the center of the bedroom points to something else IMO.

Could it be foundation / structural retrofitting of some sort?

60 year old home, anything is possible.

Yikes a mystery and I can not handle looking to long as the wood post off center on that pier is driving me crazy.

Thanks Bob. You gave me the answer.

Did you find a “secret” hatch under the carpet, or in a closet? It could be a floor safe!

Yes, I did mention the offset post. Safe? Didn’t see one. Hmm. Good possibility… Maybe an access point to the drug tunnel between Mexico and this close-to-the-border location :shock:

That actually makes sense.

Mine didn’t. :slight_smile:

Whatever it is it’s homemade.

As opposed to…say machine made? \:D/

As opposed to organic ?

Well come on now Chris.
Structural support for the sheathing? :slight_smile:

I wonder if those two bumps are rebar or something else sticking out two feet from the subfloor.

Hmm…Didn’t see any active bio-growth.

Could be rebar. Wish I had all these good ideas while I was there lying in the muck.

There is also 2x’s at floor joist. Like I said homemade…or for better term amateur.
Honestly I can’t see it serving any real purpose.

I believe it’s manmade. It’s Jimmy Hoffa. Was there a sign that said “pound head here”? I give up. I’m going to bed.

Probably for a specific load, like a gun safe.

The CMU pier is just an improperly placed pier doing little to add support to the floor system (you can see it’s been drilled for termites).

On the other hand, it might be for a floor safe!

Looks like masonry in direct contact with untreated wood.

Yep. Could be for a gun safe.