Can you read in infrared

I am up to 1147 images on my second camera thought it was strange to be able to actually see the Goodman on this heat pump don’t remember ever seeing it before

Looks like you are reflecting a different temperature background. I’ve used this as a way to label things, actually. Once I did a building with 500 windows of 4 types. We used brass house numbers on nails on a board to “label” each one in the thermal image. By the way, it doesn’t work if the background is the same temperature as the reflector! I’ve learned that the hard way more than once.

Differences in color can also be used outside if the sun is shining as you get differences in absorption and heating.

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John I don’t think there was any reflection going on this heat pump had just started up in its heat mode when I snapped this image the condenser actually being the evaporator was about 42 degrees with outside ambient about 55 degrees this was taken right before darkness set in the letters were on the hail guard and somewhat raised allowing air to flow around the plate creating a different temp on the plate

Sounds like a plausible explanation. Similar to how a framed picture nearly always looks different that the wall it hangs on.
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Different emissivities between text and background of the label, I suspect.