Can you say TRIP HAZARD

Fellow Inspectors,
At yesterday’s inspection, my client was walking out the front door to greet me, he tripped. He was ok. I looked at the threshold and it was 1.5 " above the floor. The rear door threshold was 2" above the floor. These thresholds are a serious trip hazard and need to be repaired. Sometimes a report may be too technical, but my client clearly understood this hazard.



If these were interior doors, I would agree. Exterior doors rarely have a threshold that is the same elevation as the walking surfaces. Otherwise, the door could not be weather-sealed at its base.

I agree with Jeff, no repairs necessary, it is the nature of exterior doors with a wood threshhold.

Only alluuminum storefronts and curtainwall systems with entry doors have 1/2" threshholds.

Some of today’s residential entry door systems will have alluminum threshholds that are about 1" high and flimsey.

Since the doors open in, the thicker part of the threshhold is inside.

Sorry, but that is the way it is.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

The two Heads are correct but the one in your photo may not be

Max. 1 1/2" here’s the diagram

The picture was taken from the interior. I tripped on the rear threshold on the way out, even knowing it was there. It is a serious hazard and I wrote it up as such.



Learn something new every day - I never realized that the “compressible element” was excluded from the height calculation.

That is what you need to know. :wink:

down here I see thresholds everyday that are any where from 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" hi, on large and small missle impact rated doors. This would be acceptable by code in Fl.

Did the builder leave out the tile and the mortar bed / concrete board for it to cut the cost?

A hazard ia a hazard.

Bingo! Code is bare minimum. In my inspection reports I have recommendations that go above and beyond “code”. My opinions, My recommendations, are just that,. they are not required but may be a good idea. :wink: i.e. I recommend railings or handrails on all exterior decks and stairs in my report… no matter how high off the ground or how few steps their are. its just makes sense to be safety conscious these days… and grandma visiting a home would be appreciative for having something to hang onto when she has to climb the two or three treads up to enter the home to see her grandkids. :smiley:

I had a nice transition in this bathroom yesterday. Right at 2". :shock:

I recommended that they install a handrail on the door jamb. :slight_smile:

That extra piece was needed?
I hope it was not put there to cover up the doors short comings
I wonder if they could have a tapered section on the interior side myself.?

Brian, don’t be so hard on them, the Carpenter has not had a chance to come build the ramp yet. :slight_smile:

The tile setter said that all he knew how to do was mud set tile and thin set installations is the cheap way to go. :slight_smile:

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: