How big a deal

would you make over this.

The sidewalk leading up to the front door has had pavers installed. Now the step at the front door is about an inch and a half. I noticed myself trippipng when I walked out the door, and have mentionined it as such. Does anyone know the actual requirement / code for this.

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i personally wouldn’t worry about code in this case.

if it’s a trip hazard, it’s a trip hazard.

call it out and recommend remediation.

small potatoes in many cases, but definately worth the mention when reporting.

William. I can’t remember where I’ve read it and don’t have the reference books here with me. But, I believe there should be at least “one no step entrance on accessible route” Not to exceed 1/2" in height.

Not that sure it’s a trip hazard…but it’s Florida, and isn’t that a hardwood threshold? I see possible moisture retention in the pavers and subsequent wood rot.

I don’t consider this to be a big deal as far as tripping goes, as most thresholds are an inch higher anyways.

I would definitely warn against termites and rot though.