Can you tell me about this wall structure?

House built 1903. Walls are comprised of vertical 2x6 spaced 24 inches apart. Pieces of bricks in between the 2x6. What can you tell me about this type of wall construction? See photos!

Interesting. I’ve never seen it before, but I’m in FL. Bob Vila might know.

James, what you are seeing is what they called in the old days as brick nogging. The concept was to add thermal mass to the walls (acting like an insulation from air infiltration and wind barrier), which at the time were generally balloon framed. It also helped as a fire block

Thanks, Brian, that’s super helpful!

Appears to be structural masonry. Do not quote me on that.
Exterior walls are likely 2 or 3 brick wythe.

Image 3 is likely a bearing wall.

Image of the brack on the exterior please.

brick nogging wall - Google Search