unique building system

hi a technical question i’m looking for info on a wall construction technique i’ve never seen before. it consists of 2x6 cedar studs dadoed together to form a wall representing a lapped 1x6 fencing pattern.
thes are set vertically as exterior walls and under the ridge beam of the cathedral ceiling/roof. the rafters are 2x6 on edge set on top of ridge beam. no collar tying is present. it appears to be a “kit” cottage of some 40 yrs. or more, any info would really help. is this structral?

got any pics. it’ll help. sounds like old New England style post and beam, but hard to tell from the verbage. back in the early 1900’s it was common to reuse timbers from old barns, ships, and rail way cars and tracks. yours sounds like a method adapted to look like the classic old school days…maybe.:cool: