Thank you Larry, Ray & Lisa.

EXCELLENT! Very nice indeed. Thanks Nick, Larry and Lisa!

Is there a site where we can download the new graphic?


Looks great, nice job done by all!!

Ray all I did was copy the symbol
and paste, seems to work!

Sweet! Very nicely done! Thanks!!!


I like it

I went to the logo right clicked and up came save picture.
I then saved it in my pictures.
Looks great will use it when I get my computer back .
Roy Cooke

very nice ,can’t wait to put it on my business card

Nachli done ! Good timing as I’m just proofing 5,000 brochures. Nachi comes through again, I’ll have in on my website in 5 minutes.

George Mendes

Oh, the maple leaf goes great with our logo, thanks Nick!

Great logo guys, can we get the logo sticker for our trucks.



Simple yet very nice, I like it!

Great now if you can get these made as lapel Insignia pins .
They would be a fantastic give away at the NACHI Canadian conference.

Roy Cooke

HI Guys,
Will this be trade marked and can we use it for all our advertising.
Todd Flaro

There’s already a wee little TM at the bottom right corner, but perhaps there has to be some form of official filing or something.

If anyone is looking for the logo in “hi-res” format, contact me direct at:

I’ll get you any format needed.:wink:

This deserves a bump for all those who did not save it . Roy Cooke

I am sure that Ray, Lisa and I will all go out now and order bigger hats. Thanks for the flowers guys, much appreciated.