NACHI releases CANACHI logo.


That’s very nice and thoughtfull of you for us Canadian members!

Thank you

P.S. Now I [we] feel distinct, I don’t know if this is a good thing

Canadians getting special treatment gain! Sheeesh:roll:

:mrgreen:Just teasing:mrgreen: Its a good looking Logo




It is a nice logo.Now is Nick going to put a U.S. flag on NACHI logo for you[STATE SIDE] This has essentially reduced us Canadian members] to an org with 550 [aprx.] members.Not good.there is strength in #'s my friend.

We are all ONE group. I think Nick did that for Canadian pride not to split us up!


Think about it, he will be splitting us up.

We also have logo’s for each state & providence. They can be found at:

Let me know if anyone has any problems downloading their specific one or anything else. :wink:

I like it!

WOOPS! looked and no Canadian provinces tried
And that did not work .
Needs just a lttle tuning to be perfect
Roy Cooke

I just noticed that too Roy, I’ll contact Chris next week and see about putting the Canadian ones up too!:slight_smile:

It is just a logo. You can use it if you like or any of the other logos: or not. Whatever you prefer.

Thats news to me? Is it true,… do you have insider knowledge from Nick, Dee or Lisa??? Did you actually go on a dinner with Dee in Vegas or was that some top secret meeting… Hmmmmm? Spill the beans MARIO!!! :mrgreen:


I should have edited this to the point that I didn’t post.

I’m a very proud Canadian! I fly the Canadian flag on my balcony [proudly] if someone says anything negative about Canada to me I will probably end up doing 20 years to life.

The point I was trying to make and [Nick has clarified] I did not want to be distinct.I thought that we would be allowed to use only this logo as Canadians.Thus the first step in breaking us up. Nick has posted use or not your choice.

Now that we have this out of the way, Why did I not meet you in Vegas?
I was gambling,what’s your excuse?And what hotel were you staying at?And leave Deanna out of this


P.S. I do have Canadian and a U.S. flag on my HARLEY jacket

Looks Good