Dominic working on a new CanNACHI logo.

Can NACHI? As in throw it in the can?

No. More as throw in all others in the can. This is outstanding. Nicely done. Great for Canadian Inspectors. Congratulations to all involved.

Looks great Dom, could add a little snow on the roof:mrgreen:
Thanks for your contributions.

Great Job Dominic, we shall be proud to display this

How about …


Nice job Dominic. and maybe we need one for the French Territories as well.


Les Mieux à la maison Inspecteurs du Québec et de Nouveaux secteurs de Brunswick sont d’INACHI.

Marcel :mrgreen::wink:

Thats Super Fantastic!!!:cool:

Canned Nachi? Is that made by Chef Boyardee?

Too funny Marc!

I like that idea Charles!!

Great logo Dominic!!

What does snow look like? I live in Southern California. I’ve heard of the stuff, but I think it’s all a myth. White stuff falling from the sky. HAH! :mrgreen: Pigs can fly too.

The logo looks great Dominic. :smiley:

One suggestion though:

For the Canadian Association of Certified Home Inspectors, would it not make more sense for the abbreviation on the banner to be either CanACHI or CACHI?

Five miles from my Home Town Dominic.
Is this proof enough? :mrgreen:

in the deep snows of Northern Maine in the winter of 2008.

That would be up to the powers in charge. I just used what I was told to use. The idea here is that CanNACHI is Canadian NACHI. Similar to how CalNACHI is California NACHI.

I don’t know Marcel, that could be staged. They can do amazing things with photo editors these days :slight_smile:

Beautiful pics! I actually lived in the mountains here for 10 years. Believe it or not Southern California has lots of mountains with 4,000 to 6,000 foot peaks. I did my time shoveling the car out of the snow in the morning to get to school (which was 45 minutes away!). The weather rarely dropped under 15F, so no ice storms like you guys get, but still beautiful… and cold.

No photo shop here Dominic, this was real and photos taken by relatives.
Have it on disc here somewhere, but used the same photos off the internet.

Marcel :):smiley:

That makes sense. The different abbreviations just came to mind so I thought I would mention them but I understand the logic behind using CanNACHI.

Would it be possible that this could be construed as Canning Nachi?

Just a thought.

It might be prudent to come up with a more loggical abbreviation.

In this case maybe Nachi/Canada:):smiley: