Canada's being taken over!!

Just had to phone the tech support center of Security Chimneys and Fireplace Systems located in Quebec City. They are, well, were a long serving entity in the Canadian wood heating field and seem to have always been there. Besides the Security stainless steel chimneys, other labels that they sell under are BIS (EPA certified high efficiency wood fireplaces) and Oliver-McLeod (chimneys).

I waited about 12-14 minutes for a tech rep…he had a southern drawl in his voice…I asked where he was…Tennessee!!! Security were bought out by Lennox a few years back.

Next it will be Potash Corp to China or Australia, after we sold out 2 other Canadian mining industry stalwarts, INCO and Falconbridge, to Swiss and Brazilian miners…Gotta stop sometime or we won’t be controlling our own economy and will be working at or near 3rd world wages!!

Broan owns 2 of our best/biggest HRV ventilation manufacturers…Canadians led the field in this product with the first units being made in 1978/9. Chinese, French and US corps (and maybe others) have significant interests in the oil sands…Sovereignty going down the drain…bye-bye!!!

Well at least it went to a great State.

Can’t argue with you there Wayne. Love TN have relatives there in Pigeon Forge!..It’s one place you can go and always be sure to get great hospitality!

Yep a slice of home . BTW i am a canuk lolol