You are going to blow it.

You all better get your crap together and start CALLING members that never come to the forum. it is going Tit for Tat. Every time Gilles gets a vote the closest to him does.

Here is the link for you to vote: Please do not screw this up as Gilles truly deserves it and the other does not. Just read the past posts and you will see one is a gentleman and one is NOT.

Would you just **** off already. You have taken all value out of this selection process.

Gee… can any of you see what he is doing? I hope you do not think he is Canadian. Heck he is barely an inspector. just look at his web site.

I can tell you because I am an American and every effort is being made to make sure Gilles does not Win. The above idiot is just dumb enough to show his hand.

I am pretty sure the good ole boy network is busting their a-ses trying to make damn sure no one from Canada wins.

No fool that would be Marcel and Larry that spearheaded that movement and all those who support them.

I am quite the inspector. I don’t need to justify myself or lacking web presence to you.

I am not Canadian, but living on the border I sure spend a lot of time up there and have lots of personal and professional friends in Canada land. I am not trying to make sure anyone does or doesn’t win. I have the same amount of skin in this as you. NONE

No one is making an effort to prevent anyone but you from winning. That effort you spearheaded yourself and did a great job at.

With complete sincerity, I think you need to go see a head doctor.

You are obviously trying to stop Canadians from participating just by attacking me who is trying to get them to participate.

Send of a video of you doing the Carlton PLEASE…

Right from the Horses Mouth. Need anymore be said?

Yes…Meeker, just stop it. You are making a complete fool of yourself. What little respect I had for you is now gone.

Why would I care?

Why are you in the Canadian forum? Stalking anyone perhaps?

See you Canadians better run with the ball while you got it.

Ever see many Americans over here before I came to help a great guy win?

LOL I knew your were twit but yikes, you have confirmed it

** You guys think I am joking. How do they even know I am here posting? They are calling each other and sending PM’s. They will do anything to make sure Gilles does not win.**

Get Cracking

Your full of **** Meeker

Well at least I am proving what I am saying is true and you guys are actually responding :slight_smile: BRAVO.

You cannot give up until every member you know you have talked to and make sure they vote. I suggest Gilles but hey as long as they vote I am semi happy.

:shock::shock:They Really Are Out to Steal it From Him:shock::shock:

Its called new posts…

No one is stalking you, we are just sick of you continuing to campaign for something that you were removed from for campaigning.

Yes please stop!

Nope, not till the job is done and my mission is accomplished. I am NOT a quitter.


You Canadians are seeing how bad they want me to stop, Ever wonder why?

Personally who ever gets deserves it American or Canadian the 2 leaders are not whining about it . you need to grow a pair and try stopping pretending you are crusader . Even Trump would not want you as supporter