Canadian government awards Registration of CMI today.

Thank you Roy Cooke!!!

My pleasure NICK I have enjoyed Helping NACHI and the NACHI members over the years and wish you and all the members the very best in the Future .
I have enjoyed it immensely.
This will be the last thing I can do for you and NACHI.
I guess I now get the Chance to be like others who have been pushed out of NACHI .
I was told about a year ago Joe Farsetta wanted John Bowman ,Keith
Swift,Raymond Wand, and Roy Cooke gone from NACHI well he has won .
Please all members look close at Joe Farsetta he is the most vindictive person I have ever had any thing to do with .
He will stop at nothing to get his own way.
I was told this and well it is true.
I am not vindictive and will not be Running NACHI down .
I have supported NACHI non stop over the years .
From Running the First NACHI meeting held at Barrie in Canada when the Person who was to do it Dropped it in our Lap, Raymond Wand, Char Cooke Bob Francis and Roy Cooke .
Second Canadian Meeting was held at Toronto and again The sponsor Dropped it in Our Lap again and the same Four Ran the Toronto show.
Well we had the Toronto Conference and Char and I worked 4 days for Just the love of helping NACHI again Good old Raymond came and again Helped for free at the Toronto show.
Those who went to the show and took home Canadian flags and other Canadian Trinkets where also Paid for By Roy and Char and there was plenty.
I am not complaining it was a labor of love and enjoyment.
I would do the same thing again in a heart beat and change nothing including telling all what I think of Joe Farsetta and his henchmen Fair play is not in their vocabulary .
They must win at all costs.

. Roy

INACHI Member of the… 4/30/08 3:31 PM Ok so now I am a Henchmen? Frank Magdefrau

Frank I am so proud of you to see you finally tell the truth and not try to be vindictive .
I wish you and the others all the best.
I know it is Too much to hope for some improvement but it sure would be nice to hear it happened.



Is this another resignation or has the temporary ESOP Committee formed to review the six complaints against you expelled you?

Why don’t you all just pick a time, say 3 am Thursday morning… and then just agree to STOP?

Pound away on each other till then… then at 3:01 am… stop. Just stop. It takes more than 1 party to be in a ring fighting. Just get out of the ring.

If one lone party refuses to get out of the ring, let him stand there throwing punches and kicks at the air like a fool.


For the very last time, your information is bogus. You told me of this, and I have steadfastly rejected it as BS.

Keith Swift is far from gone.

John Bowman resigned

Ray Wand self-destructed.

You have been steering your own boat with regard to these matters.

I sincerely hope that the members of ESOP who are reviewing the complaints on all sides continue to do so. Ity matters not, in my mind, that you have so publicly fallen on your sword. The timing is impeccable.

As far as being vindictive, you and I know full well that the claim is without merit.

As are most of yor claims.

Do you both need till 3am Friday?

You answered your own question, Nick.

You know that at 3:01 a.m., after all parties agreed to stop, there will be a demented old man with one last shot to take at Joe, me, the committee…

You are suggesting that we leave him to post his diatribe with no one to dispute him…and with you to “thank him” for his assistance?

What you are suggesting is total free speech for the libel and slander of a couple of Canadian morons…one of which is officially banned from any speech on the board at all…while limiting the speech of the membership in response to their false accusations.

Thanks Joe and we all know you are correct and Roy is gone and you are the Champ just like always .

Joe if they can read well and I expect they can then I will be vindicated but it matters not as I am gone .
Sorry Nick been good and enjoyed my stay .
Hope NACHI carries on for the better but if not so be it.
The F F are the Champs.

This resolves half of the issue.

The only morons are you and the ESOP!

All ESOP Committee members, active and recused, will hereby cease responding to Roy or Raymond until such time as notification is given to the parties involved as to the outcome of all complaints, and recommendations of ESOP.

Though I realize it will be tempting to respond, please refrain until further notice.

Jim, what is clear to see, based on the many e-mails and PMs we have received, and including support from other NACHI members on several other threads (posts now deleted), is that a majority of folks who have waded through this cesspool know the true score. They have congratulated us on our patience, and resolve. They have commended us on making the right desisions. They realize our frustration at the unwarranted attacks.

That being said, my recommendation is for us to cease and desist.

The wheels are still on the bus, though two have tried really hard to make them come off, all in the name ot truth and justice.

Their disingenuine arguments have been exposes, repeatedly. No matter who opposes them, their opposers are corrupt and wrong in their eyes. They have done their very best to twist their “truth” to points never achieved by any before them. In doing so, they have exposed their true colors.

You’re all morons if you ask me. This all could have been resolved if one side would have given some respect to the other for all the years they contributed to our association… and… if the opposite side would have given some respect to the other for the office they held and the job they were trying to do.

How about at 3am Friday we all agree to stop being morons?


Thank you.

ESOP’s decision supported by mathematical analysis.

Recently ESOP expelled 2 Canadian members. I was personally opposed to the decisions to have them removed from InterNACHI. One of the 2 is a close personal friend of mine who has helped InterNACHI and me many times for many years. I’d go as far as saying there wouldn’t be an InterNACHI presence in Canada without him. He is a good friend and I love him. But before everyone (including me) starts thinking poorly of ESOP, I wanted to state for the record that the chances of this decision having little to do with the 2 ex-members is almost zero. Clearly the two ex-members played a role in their fate.

For many years, leaders and members of other Canadian associations have sent me email after email after email (hundreds in all) complaining about these very 2 members. I ignored all of them for years, until today. Today I decided to calculate what the odds were of this being pure coincidence.

There are about 3,000 inspectors in Canada of which my inbox for years is packed with complaints from 2 other Canadian associations regarding only 2 inspectors. I won’t go into all their charges and complaints. Anyway, ESOP recently removed the very same 2 inspectors from InterNACHI. InterNACHI almost never expelles anyone,s so the results of our analysis should end up dramatic.

Let’s see what the odds of this being pure coincidence (the ex-members being innocent victims of ESOP and having played no role this situation) are. The odds of one of the 2 members ESOP expelled, also being one of the 2 very other inspectors that the other associations had trouble with, is 1 in 1,500 (there is a 1 in 1500 chance of drawing 1 of 2 inspectors from a pool of 3,000). Then, the odds of the exact other inspector being expelled by ESOP is 1 in 3,000 (there is a 1 in 2,999 chance of drawing 1 inspector from a pool 2,999).

Now here is where it gets interesting. The odds of them expelling those exact 2 members coincidentally (meaning that the ex-members themselves had NO ROLE in any of this and are purely innocent victims of ESOP) is (1 divided by 1,500) times (1 divided by 2,999) or 1 in 4,498,500. Or in other words… impossible.

I waited until after ESOPs decision today to make this post.

One of the 2 ex-members is my dear friend and always will be. I love him. But basic probability and statistics support several of ESOPs contentions. –
Nick Gromicko, CMI

QUOTE: Nick Gromicko
There are about 3,000 inspectors in Canada of which my inbox for years is packed with complaints from 2 other Canadian associations regarding only 2 inspectors. I won’t go into all their charges and complaints.
[FONT=Book Antiqua]The complaints were for … get ready for a shocker… Code of Ethics Violations!

[/FONT]Anyway, ESOP recently removed the very same 2 inspectors from InterNACHI.
End Quote:

Raymond Wand and Roy Cooke have been and continue to be an EMBARRASSMENT and a DISGRACE to the ENTIRE Canadian Home Inspector’s Industry!

The numerous complaints over the last few years do not lie!

Nick is a smart man… We are ALL glad to see him finally come to his senses!