Canadian government' military approves NACHI for their paid moving packages.

The Canadian govenment’s Military Moving Package which takes service personell on house hunting, selling, and buying tours gives out a list of home inspectors that they will pay on behalf of the service men and women. The approved list they give out is the list of local OAHI and NACHI members. Non-member inspectors are not included or approved.



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Nick is there a way for me to get a copy of this list. so i can say look even the military recommends using me

Who coordinated this, Nick? Perhaps it can be expanded to include all NATO countries.

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Try here Chad. Go to suppliers right hand side near the bottom

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Looking now

Thanks again Roy, wasn’t what i was thinking of but was usefull

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I’ve been doing inspections for them for four years. They accepted my membership in N.A.C.H.I. way back then. What has changed?

I always tell our service people that I am honoured to serve them for a change and that all Canadians are proud of them. I haven’t had one person from private to Major General who has not had tears in his / her eyes. How sad that we treat our military so poorly that these simple words would be felt so deeply.

Proud to serve those who serve.

What do you mean treated poorly? Are you saying the government is too cheap to allow enough money to bury them?

"the government is too cheap to allow enough money to bury them?"

No, I mean that Canadians are great at asking our military to do the impossible with nothing and when they do it with honour and distinction we never say “Thank You.”

I advertised on one of our WW radio stations that I would do military inspections for returning personnel for free until all of our people come home. I didn’t know about any programs but I told the radio host that a $25 discount isn’t good enough. They deserve better and most maybe won’t get a home inspection because they can’t afford it.

The Canadian government has always paid for the inspection and the moving costs and the lawyers cost and the realestate cost and the loss if you sell you home for less then you paid for it . They also pay for a more inspections if you do not buy the home
They also pay all expenses when they fly you and your wife to look for a home .
They also pay all expenses when you move plus $100:00 per day.
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