Canadian Professional Equipment suppliers??

After having made equipment purchases from Professional Equipment Inc in the States I am curious to know if there are any Canadian equipment suppliers. The U.S.A. exchange rate, shipping and tariff fees are killing me.
Any suggestions for Canadian suppliers would be greatly appreciated.
In advance, thanks.

I will be buying my tools soon as well. I would love to know where my fellow Canadian members buy there tools online.

Why don’t you post this over at CanNACHI ?

Which type of tools, infrared, mold, radon or just the basic tools?

Several sources include:

Lee Valley Tools - Measuring & Moisture Measuring

Princess Auto

Home Depot - Tools

Try over the Line
Tool Experts

Thank you guys for your input,I will try out the suggested sites. All the best in this up-coming challenging New Year…

Well I’m trying to be a sponge so any information from ladders to moisture meters purchased online ,would be very helpful.