Now that you've had a Home Inspection...

Hi Fellow Canadians:

I’m considering ordering a box of these books:

They come recommended and the price seems very reasonable. I’m looking for something to physically give to the client at inspections (I send email reports).

I have tried giving out the Home Maintenance Manual but the cost is far too high and I feel it’s too long/complicated for the average buyer.

Any other Canadian Inspectors using these?
Is there any information that is US - Specific in them that might be strange to a Canadian buyer?

Thanks for your help!

I have found what works great for Canadians in getting USA shipments is to get things shipped to a USA address .
I have used them frequently .

the cost with them is $5.00 per package .
You save much aggravation and get you product much faster and at a lot less cost .

You living close to the border should be easy.

I use them and clients love them
Lots of great info.

Use the company Roy suggests
It will save you a ton is shipping and brokerage fees.


Thank you Doug and Roy - I’ll order some and see how they look!

I give them to all my clients on the day of the inspection. Everyone loves them. Another book that’s good is “The Homeowner’s Handbook” and the presentation binders from the Certified Nachi Store.

We finally figured out shipping these to Canada.

See here:

These books are great to give to your clients. Today at one inspection I gave away three of them, all with my business card sticker attatched. One to my client who is a first time buyer, single mother, one to the realtor and one to my client’s father who was tagging along during the inspection. I figured he could use one as he will probably be doing any repairs and maintenance to the home. Everyone loved them…