Inspector Tools in Canada

Does anyone know a Canadian shop, either online or an actual store that we can buy inspection tools from? There are numerous ones in the states, eg. professional equipment, HI-essentials, which is all fine and dandy, but us Canucks pay an arm and a leg in customs and shipping.

And what does everyone recommend for:

  • CO detectors
  • Combustible gas detectors

Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

I do not know how many things will be available but PRO-LAB is going to be opening up in the Toronto area they hope before June of this year.
Keep reading this section and more information will be forth coming .
Roy Cooke … R.H.I.

Try a company called ITM instruments on Cochrane Dr. in Markham On.
I will look at my catalogue when I get to the office and post the phone # and contact info for you.

I am talking to a few companies right now with regards to them offering NACHI memebers a discount, specifically geared to canadians.

I have been buying all my equipment on line from the US. You really have to shop around as prices can vary quite a bit. Ask if they can ship by USPS instead of FEDEX or UPS. I was hit with a $52.00 brokerage fee on my Surveymaster in addition to the taxes by UPS, ouch! Canada Customs usually only charges a $5.00 brokerage fee.
Hey Tyrone, maybe you can open up an inspector tool store in Barrie.:smiley:

If I have my way, I will be either opening a store, or we, as Canadian Inspectors, will have access to one, that will serve us without the gouging.

I have the ITM catalog their prices are outrageous!
double the price for a protimeter aquant than anywhere else

Tyrone go for it!



Too bad you did not see my earlier posts on Canada shipping .
Yes you are correct the best way to get shipped to Canada.
UPS never to Canada Fedex is not to bad.
Need a large shipment to Canada have it shipped to the USA nearest UPS or RPS terminal and hold for pick up .
To much for UPS then send it to the closest trucking terminal . You can get the way bill number and follow your shipment so you know when it get to the USA side and go get it .
Most US companies ship free in the USA so it works great and much faster.
I used to have a lot of shipments to us so many that I bought my own set of Tariff books cost over $100.00 saved the cost many times over.

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
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I have been speaking to several companies in the US, I wish I were able to disclose more information at thsi time, however, I have to hold for a few weeks, and in due time, I will let you all in on the offer.

Oh yeh, just to let you know this,
I have worked it out that we can get the telestep ladder at less than $200.00 for Nachi members. I am going to the states in a few weeks, and will let you know all the details.

I saw them in Home Depot for $297 just as a comparison. I think it was a 16 foot model.

$146.00 at Sams Club for a 17’
I was looking for a 12’ one for attics, but they don’t carry them at Canadian Sams Clubs.

Wow thats a good price.

Good source for moisture meters.,43513

and more inspection tools


If that was the Orangeville Home Depot I think you saw the Extend & Climb. Similar concept but slightly different locking mechanism than the Telesteps.

Claude I took a look at the sites you recommended but all the meters I looked at were for wood. I need something for concrete plaster brick etc.
Do you have any other suggestions?

We cannot be thinking of the same telescopic ladders, the largest one I have ever seen was the 12’ ladder.


Yes it was at Homo Depot in Orangeville.


I thought I read 16’ at Home Depot, but I did not have my glasses on so maybe it is only 12’.

Its 12 feet, with a reach capacity of 16 feet.