Cannot locat bonding in panel

I cannot find a means of bonding in this panel. No green screw or bonding strap was found. Can someone take another look and see if it there? Did I miss it? Thanks

Is that it hiding behind the EGC in the first photo?

The main bonding jumper is not visible in any of the three photo’s, do you have more pics?

I can not see it but I do see lots of double taps on the white wires .

Looks like a Square D Homeline panel do you have a model number?

I looked at that but the screw does not extend through to the panel.

Yes it is.

Please learn how to flip the images David.

Is this it?

I do flip the images, at least on my computer but when I upload them the revert back for some reason.

Seems odd that it would be behind the neutral conductor.

See post #6

Then the only way to make sure it is bonded is to test it with an ohms meter.

Did you check the label for the location?

That is the first time I have seen Homeline with a quad for a main.

There was no label diagram that I saw. Just what was on the cover.

That might not work as you could pick up a back feed from a ground in the field example Furnace is Grounded via The gas line . The hot water is grounded via Water pipe .

Really ! Between the bonding screw and the housing?