Can't Cantilever?

This is a 6 foot cantilevered balcony. Framing is 2x12’s, but only protrude into interior 4 feet.

I am pretty sure we can only cantilever 1/3 of joist length, so a 12 foot joist can protrude 4 feet, and these 10 foot joists should only protrude about 3 feet, correct? In order to have a 6 foot cantilever they would need an 18 foot long joist?


Accident waiting to happen…

my sentiments exactly. I didn’t want to seem like an “alarmist”, but this was a single 20 something guy who did a lot of entertaining. He could feel the bounce on the inside floor as I walked on the balcony. I removed some drop ceiling panel downstairs and discovered the joists were tied to a triple beam 46" inside the interior, and were nailed instead of lag bolted.

I could just see this thing collapsing if you got 12 or so people out on it…

The guard rails are not supported by posts either and the spacings looks too wide also, all in all looks like poor construction…

I guess you did see how far they went back into the dwelling … Huh ?

and not high enough…

Michael - I agree that it is poorly built and unsafe. Good catch for your clients!

Thanks, you guys are correct. The railings are 32" high, shaky, and ballusters are about 6" apart. The wood deck below is wood sitting on grade.

Home built in the 30’s with a 12" crawlspace, with multiple additions, likely in the 70’s, and all apparently done by Harry Homeowner and Jack Daniels. :|.)

Yeah Roy, as mentioned in the OP about 4 feet. :wink:

Just tell him no dueling piano contests out there and all’s well… deal killer;-).
After all, its been that way for 30 yrs. and its o.k.:roll: