Need some information on cantilever Balcony

Had this one this am , I feel it needs more support. is it not the rule of thumb for every foot out the cantilevers need to be 2 feet in

*? Also only 1 carrage bolt per 4x4 holding this. Any information would be apericated

With those diagonal supports, the deck is not a cantilever. Only the outer edge of the deck is cantilevered a small amount compared to the main span.

Without dimensions, I can’t say whether the support is adequate or not.

10 x12, aprox 25ft up

If it was cantilevered correctly then the downward vertical supports are not needed.

If the deck is 10 feet out from the building then I think you are correct Wayne, the joist in this case would have to be 30 feet long. As this isn’t practical and engineer would have to develop a framing plan which more than likely would include a header buried in the floor system with hangers for the joists.

Is there any access to the floor under the framing?

The picture is fuzzy but it doesn’t look like the angle braces go up and connect to a carrying beam.

Here a couple more shots one of the 4x4 seems to be warping, The bolts at the bottom just go through the block believe or not. There is a header but the joist do not seem to have hangers , It was hard to get a better picture because i has holding by my toe nails just to get this lol


I think it’s clear that this deck did or does require some engineering sign off.

Express your concern and recommend that the appropriate engineering drawings and approvals be obtained.

They either exist or they need to be created IMHO.

Yes i am going to Micheal Thanks, I wanted some other thoughts about it before i send it.
Hot tub sitting on this . covered deck lots of weight. Basically the bolts serve nothing. This is in good old Gatlinburg where the people went down the side that was featured on tv a few weeks ago. about decks

Better recommend a good set of sky hooks to. :wink:

BTW- I don’t see any cross bracing either. No playing in the hot tub.

You don’t need this deck to make that list, Wayne.

I concur with Michael…verifying engineering adequacy.

LOL i was nervous just stepping out . I was thinking i really did not need that bacon and home fries for breakfast

I concur with Michael and Larry.

I concur

The fact that it is built like a cantilever isn’t by accident and not to actually cantilever the deck, as the outer deck is supported by the diagonal supports.

The reason it is cantilevered is because ledger bolts or screws in this situation have to posses something other than just shear strength (needed to support the downward deck load). The angled supports actually cause an outward vector on deck joists. The more load the deck suffers, the more it wants to pull away from the house.

Had it been built with a deck ledger, the deck fasteners would have to not only posses “shear” strength but also what is called “withdrawal” strength… tremendous withdrawal strength.

The cantilever design is to eliminate concern for withdrawal, not to support outer deck load.

Tell that to the people in the hot tub on this deck…

Well one of the 4x4 seems to be bowing, in the inside it seems to be just sitting on a beam i could not tell if it was fasten to high up you needed a safety harness to walk the crawl space lol . How ever i pointed it to a engineer . I rather be on a over cautious list than Opps ten people went down at a party list . I felt a engineer should check this out. If there where 6x6 and better fastener to the wall i would be more relaxed . 1 Carriage Bolt through a block ( just a bolt no backing seems to be light IMO ) I feel more bracing should be used to tie the post together . I hope i am right I will try to find out what happens on this one.