Poorly constructed balcony.

This balcony has many poor construction methods including homemade joist hangers and support posts not secured. How would you comment on this? Recommendations?
I would like feedback from all of you.

Thank you!

From the span in between the support post, I would have to believe that the deck is supported by cantilevered joist that are integral to the second floor framing.
That was common to see back in those years. Extreme cantilever to today’s standards by all means.
The make shift hangers was common before Simpson hangers were available in certain areas of the country.
The deck framing and support does not meet today’s standard, but might have been approved at the time of the build.
The addition on the next door neighbor might be another indication of yesteryear’s build.
Make recommendations to your observations to possibly upgrade the deck to meet today’s standard on safety for the occupants.
As is, and not knowing the condition of the structural framing, it might not be conducive to hold a deck party. :):wink:

Thanks Marcel.

That is scary as hell, if those aren’t cantilevered.

That’s what I thought and can’t verify that they are. The posts are loose and railings have no ballusters, so I’m recommending repair / evaluation.

Got a pic of the ledger board/attachment to the home?

All you can do is list each and every non-standard building practice and safety issue you see. Which will probably end up filling one or two pages of notes in your report (less the photos). I had a similar situation recently, everyone was aware of the issues and no objections were raised. The owner did mention I was attempting to apply newer standards to a 20 year old deck.
I normally use the following line or scenario (which usually gets everyone’s attention):
In the past builders used to use asbestos products and lead piping, but over the years we have learned these weren’t the best practices or materials to use.

I don’t think it would still be there if they were not cantilevered. :slight_smile: