Capillary Concrete, What?

It took a while to compile this and just thought I would share. @rmayo we talked about this a while back.

New PGA golf course being built in Windsor, CO. Under all of the Tee boxes, Greens, and Sand Bunkers is a drainage system to keep things from getting overly saturated and flooded. As part of this drainage system a special type of concrete is used…

Future Sand Bunker with French Drain installed

Lets cover it up with concrete

Help of a mini-ex to spread it around

Ok, so what, looks like they poured concrete and sloped it all to a drain. NOPE!!! Water actually flows THROUGH the concrete to get to the French Drain. When tested, this stuff had an average compressive strength of 4700 PSI… Crazy.

(had to reduce resolution to transfer the file, hence the graininess. hope it works.)


Used similar concrete under concrete pavement called drainable concrete base 20 years ago. I was skeptical but the contractor unloaded a water truck on it and the water passed through very quickly.


Capillary Concrete combines micropores with micropores to quickly move water down with the force of gravity for drainage, and up against the force of gravity.

Capillary break. Capillary break means a material or system installed to stop the movement of moisture into a building by capillary action.

Capillary action is defined as the spontaneous flow of a liquid into a narrow tube or porous material.

Flashing break the chance for Capillary Action. Look under manufactured poured concrete window sills or poured concrete balconies. The thin inverted channels are Capillary breaks. Exterior drip caps above windows on siding are capillary breaks.

I just recently saw something similar used for parking at a small urban townhome community.

Apparently it reduced runoff and the water was collected and distributed underground to exactly where the city wanted it.

Good stuff.