Purpose of these fitting

New construction, are these used when the downspouts run into a french drain system and if the drainage system gets full the water runs out onto the landscaping? my guess…Anyone have a good pic/drawing of this type of system i can add to my report?


Basically, yes. They could actually drain in many ways such as to a retention pond or storm sewers if the area has them.

I question why there are splash blocks there? RED FLAG! Is the drainage system blocked, or incorrectly applied? Call it to be scoped.

I see in the first pic that someone didn’t know which way is up. First pic, downspout on right, is the preferred direction in my area.

Good catch…looked all other pics and (Rt one) that’s the only one installed that way. Which way is correct??

Think direction of flow… backflow. If like in the other three, it would be easier for discharge even if not backed up. Not a big deal, but I know of a few clients that may have a fit over it due to the discharge being at the foundation wall, thus the assist of the splashblocks! :roll:

If the purpose of the tee fittings is to discharge water in the event what ever is below ground fills or is blocked, some of them they are upside down.

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Without more info it appears to be an unconventional set up.

Man…I struggled with this…I would say the one on the right in the first pic is correct…since it seems to be designed for over flow if the underground stuff clogged up. So the way the elbow is joined would accommodate that (the first pic, one on the right.

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Part of the rainwater might escape with the outlet curve on the top (left). It will also be easier to clean out/snake with the curve on the bottom (right).

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Kind of a clever system, actually. The Tees appear to be an overflow for when the ground is frozen, so I don’t see that it makes a whole lot of difference which way they’re installed, although I’d like to see an extension instead of a splash block installed.