Build A House (ak) (al)

Will post more later as I try to keep up with the workers.
They hammer faster than I type.

please note correction as cement should be replaced by the term concrete.
This was pointed out on the Active Rain forum, and all corrections will be appreciated as this is education.


Who’s house?

i’m wondeing how they will strip the forms as it appears the walls are so close to earth. (there might be an osha issue there, too)

fyi, there’s a difference between cement and concrete. cement is what comes in the bags, concrete is the mix of cement, sand & aggregate. old timers taught me “cement can fly away, concrete can’t”

the “connectors” are, around here, called snap-ties. their design allows the form to be kept at the correct width (8"? 10"?) by snugging up against the plastic cone you can see in the photo. after the pour the form guys should snap them off (some of the lazy ones rather not). they will break at the point of that plastic cone . the resulting cone-shaped hole should be patched with a grout (both sides) to avoice water migration and possible rust of the snap-tie.


Egress window below exterior grade?

Or is just the view.


That is curious, isn’t it, Marcel.

Or maybe they don’t have the concept of egress windows down yet. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Marcel…This is for a window well which will provide egress.
Snap ties (thank you Andrew) I am depending on members to fill in the missing information as per previous posts.That is the whole concept.

You can go here to see from the beginning.Photos
I will change the wording to (snap ties )later as my main intrest is to bring out this type of disscussion.

Don’t get me wrong Bob, I was just curious as to how they planned on a window well that close to another building.

Is the attempt to provide egress to provide what is shown on this link?

If so, will a drain be installed at the bottom and would that notch I see in one of your photos of the footing pour in the same general area placement of the floor drain pipe?

Just curious.
What you are doing is great by the way.

Thanks for the contributions.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Marcel I will post the pic later tonite.
Just having a buzy day as I left my safety net at Comcast today so I can make a go of this full time.
Also working on the bike you can see in the back of my garage on bad start fiay night post.
Plus my Bulls are getting creamed by Detroit.
Promise to answer the questions later.(drain yes)

Hey Bob, here’s the East coast version, when are you guys going to catch up?


Where is the felt paper under the shingles? I am a pretty strong advocate on felt. ha. ha.

You know, the end safety rails for your pump jacks won’t do much good leaning against the wall. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Oh Peter, I forgot to mention that it looks good and you are coming along fine.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Marcel, 15 lb felt is going on when the guys get past the ice and water shield. We try to get a few courses going and then set up the roof brackets also we had to install two skylights and didn’t need the paper in the way.

The end caps for the staging, yeah I bitched a bit and leaned them up against the wall when I took the picture because I knew you NACHI inspectors would get me on that one, LOL

Thanks, things are finally progressing after all the rain.

Marcel, since your from my area I have a question, we are using IKO Cambridge 30 year shingles and have noticed they feel thinner, I know it sounds strange but they are tearing and getting scuffed up allot easier and the bundles don’t seem to be as heavy.

Is IKO making them cheaper?

Peter, I can comprehend what you are saying, I am just joking with you, because it happens to me everyday. ha. ha.

Good job and thanks for posting, I am sure it is helping some.
Keep it up.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

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There are different types of the Cambridge 30, so you might want to check the type you are using.

Although I do agree that every year they seem to get skimpyier.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Maybe this has been answered, but the ‘emergency escape and rescue opening’ indicated by the window in the photos above is illegal under the International Residential Code for both 2003 and 2006.

Under what Code is this structure being built?

In fact, under the IRC code, it would be illegal to have ANY window or opening on this side of the house where this one is located since this would constitute a violation of the mandatory 5’ fire separation distance to the property line.

Having an opening within 5’ from the property line creates a means by which fire from one structure can jump to another.

Marcel, thanks for the link and your right I just don’t get it they seem cheap, it was only about 68 or 70 today and the shingles would tear just pulling them out of the rapper.

According to this link, the Village of Harwood Heights Illinois uses the 2003 International Residential Code.

Under that Code the ‘emergency escape and rescue window’ shown in the photos is illegal since it does not provide a legal well size nor ladder to reach grade.

It also may violate the fire separartion distance to the property line…

Why would the property line come into play? It’s 70 feet away from the corner of the garage not 5 feet???

Sorry homebild, I see you are referring to Bobs posts on his build, my mistake.

Hopefully Bob checks in and fills us in on his project.