Car mold in carpet/pad

I live on Cape Cod and our car was damaged last March including windshield that was ultimately determined to be poorly installed and eventually leaked extensively onto floorboards and padding. This fall there was standing water on front seat floor boards and my car smells of strong chemical order. What is best way to test for mold and air quality? Repairs?

You could hire someone that does mold testing.

Somebody like this

Forget testing for anything…OK?
Remove all carpet and anything else that touched the water and dry it out…Or…
On the last one I did I had Stanley Steamer do most of the hard work for me…Yep!
I usually buy a few buckets of Damp Rid to help me dry it out after they do they’re miracles…
That is just the beginning steps…

Remove pressure wash and dry worked for me. Than Fix leak .

I had a customer that had extremely elevated spore counts discovered from air sampling.
This was determined with the windows closed & the car was idling with the air conditioning on.
So… true, you can clean, etc as most here have stated, but if the spores have left the infected surfaces there will be the possibility the AC system is now contaminated.
We’re talking air quality here, besides the physical surface cleaning.

No kidding.

Zero reason to waste money on mold testing.