To test or not to test for mold?

Newer 2.5 Million dollar house had water intrusion. Seller had a receipt for $62,000 for water extraction and mold remediation done within a month.

Popular lab air quality tests came back fine, about 9 air samples, all clean and the only things visible were some minor water marks on cabinets.

All the work was done by a licensed and insured Mold Remediation company.

Should I recommend testing or just rely on their tests?

What say you?

Did the same company that did the remediation do the final sampling?

It sounds like a small price to pay to rest assured if one were to test now.

Can you clear up the timeline for me? I’m not sure I’m getting it. Is it:

  1. Water intrusion occurs
  2. Water extraction & mold remediation occurs
  3. 9 air samples are taken, all clean
  4. Some water marks still remain which were observed during your home inspection? (or mold inspection?)
  5. Now after your inspection sometime within a month of #1-3 the question is should you rely on the other companies test result?

Do I have that right?

Yes that’s about right.

Clients and realtors felt that the extra money was "
Overselling" our services

But yes Cameron to all your answers. Your scenario is right on target

Water marks seen when placing the radon two days prior to the inspection. All were dry

2.5 million dollar home with past remediation now being transferred to new owners…Hmmm Depends on the clients trust factors. Hopefully you won’t get a testimonial from the buyers that say…“we should have trusted Russ’s Recommendation…but we didn’t, now we have a big problem”

A recent inspection had aluminum wire but a well respected contractor turned home inspector noted in the sellers 4 point inspection, copper. Good thing the buyer trusted his instincts and decided on a full home inspection.

If the stains indicate leakage since the clean up, its a new day and a new problem requiring new evaluation and a new response.

If I had spent $62,000 on mold remediation and they hadn’t corrected or at least determined and advised me as to the cause of the moisture, I would be calling the remediation company immediately. Somebody dropped the ball.