Cardboard as an insulator?

Has anyone seen this before? And is it acceptable?

Might have been part of the panel. Don’t know for sure.

That looks old enough that it might be an asbestos pad.

Since it goes behind the CB it’s most likely part of the panel and not an issue.

I would agree with that.
Not an issue.


It is part of the panel. Not an issue

Looking at it again it’s definitely not cardboard. :slight_smile:

The home was built in 1981. I suppose it could be asbestos, but my question is more in regards to the aspect of any material being used in that manner inside a panel as an insulator.

If you look at how close the gray metal is to the energized lug it would be more of a concern if there was no insulator between the two.

I agree with Robert, more of an issue if not there.

Even if it was asbestos it is not friable.

Since he has clarified the year of 1981 it’s not asbestos.