Carl Brown

These photos are for Carl Brown. They will never learn will they Carl! This in Piper.


Buck,I am not Carl,but could you explain why number 3 would not work?
No gap but I am thinking if that makeshift flashing goes up and behind that it might work.

Please correct my thinking.


I always find water leaks around this type of flashing and stucco. What do you think about the flashing at the stone. It is under the roof overhang, might never leak.


My first thought on that is not enough gap and not a good kickout.
Those stones do not look very secured either.

When the front drip of the flashing is notched so is the back or it still would not make the radius.

Thanks Buck

They are toooooooooo tight to call the heating and cooling co. to make to right.

In the 4th picture the trim and the window is improperly installed.

that is Lick and Stick / faux stone built to leak before the stucco/faux stone company ever got to the job, let alone what they probably did while there.

Why bother doing it Right when doing it Wrong pays the same?


And most people have no clue what they are really getting into.

Thanks! Carl

I going to make someone mad over this one. House is less than 4 years old.


What about that flashing over the arched window in #3 Carl?

The window is not flashed but the trim is, and that is another reason for water entering.

Thanks Carl.

At the sill down and out over the cladding.
At the head of the windows out over the window, and out to the outside of the vertical trim.
At the head trim.

IMO this is what they need and not just stucco!


And backer rod and caulk has there place but they will never replace common sense, and proper lapping of products.

Smart trim is never suppose to come in contact with cement products.

If there was a backer rod and sealant joint between the trim and stucco as per ASTM for the stucco installation in #4 it would help trap a lot of water behind the cladding under the window. With the stucco being painted it is like tucking your rain jacket into your pants.

The water is in.

I know Carl. They just keep doing it!!


If and when you go in Arbor Creek in Olathe be very careful.

Not that the problems are not nation wide but that will be known as rot city.