Stucco of all things

Nice job on the new board!!!

You guys are going to have your work cut out for you in the future!
As long as they keep doing things this way it will keep leaking!

Thanks Carl

Thanks Carl! That’s a lot of good information.

Saxon N Bailey
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boy am i glad stucco isn’t a popular residental siding up here.

Thanks Saxon!
Jay its not just about stucco its about windows,moisture barriers,flashing. And lack of detail to the installation by the carpenters. And the lack of enforcement of minimal codes by the city inspectors!:frowning:

Why do you need drip flashing above a window that has such a great overhang? As shown in the 2nd link? I can see the need for window flashing where there is no overhang. Raymond Wand Alton, ON

Wind driven rain. And they should go down the face 1/2 instead of 1/4

That would be some wind driven rain to get up that high. Raymond Wand Alton, ON

Mother nature is very creative!
And unpredictable. An ounce of prevention and how many pounds of cure?
The flashing under the window is just as important! The windows no longer have sills. Gotta kick the water out every chance we get. IMO

Good information Carl. It’s too bad but unfortunetly the cutting of corners is prevalent in all aspects of homebuilding.


Since you’re the man to talk to about stucco here is a question… Do you think stucco applications should be applied with the same techniques in all geographical areas?

Thanx Carl, i got all that, and it is a good read, but i was mearly commenting on the stucco part. i don’t see alot of that up here, it doesn’t fair too well to all the weather changes, and i’m glad.

No paul I don’t!!! I all so don’t think it should be done before the sheetrock is hung! Nore should it be basecoated and textured in the same day (onecoatstucco) I don’t think they should be able to apply it in freezeing temps and turn the heat off when they go home a night! I thing the house wraps should be out over all flashings and the joints should not be taped as per tyvek specs! I don’t agree with everything ASTM says about installing the metal products for the stucco application.
I don’t think stucco should be painted less then 30 days after it is completed!
Sorry for the rant there is so much more!

Jay it was sixty here to day and they are calling for rainturning to sleet then snow tommorow!

We get alot of freeze and thaw cycles in short time spans here.


Where are you by the way???

The kansas city ks. mo. metro
Don’t tell anybody!

your profile doesn’t say a location, but 60? i have no pitty for ya brotha, sorry. it was 35 here today and that was nice. although we did just get threw a good January thaw with numbers up in the high 50s, early mud season, then deep freeze clicking in at 5* the next morning. go figure, well like we all say “this is New England, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute it will change”

Ahhhhhhhh> Missouri has some issues… Man you have some good pictures of screwed up stucco.

Must keep the home inspectors busy there.

Reading different areas of this message board, from what I read there is no building codes enforced in half the state…true or false?

Jay we have had some below o readings this year. Thank god not as many as we could have had. But its not over yet!!!
All I have been doing is therapy so I have been warm anyway!

I’m a glutton for punishment i guess. i like to work outside in the extreme cold and our extreme hot, just so it feels that much nicer inside when i finaly get there.