I believe this is going to be one of those areas that gets water damaged down the road. New home construction. Notice the valley runs into the wall areas. Do you think a piece of kick out flashing would work here?


Some kind of diverter would not hurt. The stucco should have been held up off the roof higher.

The picture you posted is not of a stucco problem it is a roofing problem that should have been taken care of long before the stuccoman got to the job.

Carl I dont think theres enough room in there to put a piece of kick out. Poor design in my opinion.

James you are right, eventually there will be a problem. High pitch to gabled roof at left is going to send a lot of water in and past the valley into the stucco wall. I see a design flaw.

I agree with Carl on this too.

Where did the architect learn to design that? It is clear that he was designing the interior spaces, with no thought to how it would interact with the exterior roof drainage. This is nothing that a kick out flashing can fix. The water is concentrated down the valley and right up to the wall. Well I agree it is a poor design, and that it will most likely become water damaged, but I don’t honestly know how to fix that one with some redesigning. All of which will make it look even worse than it is.

I agree with the other statements and have a further general question. I have seen similar poor designs in new construction around here. How do you best handle this with the client? I offer my opinion, but how does that help the client? The builder is not going to rebuild the house based on an inspector’s opinion. The convaluted building codes around here make that approah difficult for the homeowner. What is the recourse? With a new construction or warranty inspection like this, they are locked in most of the time.

I recommended building should have it inspected for possible points for water entry and high moisture content in the wall sheeting and cavities. If no problem currently exists, annual follow up inspections are recommended for monitoring purposes. This might get fhe monkey off my back and on to the builders and architects.