Carpenter Bee/Wood Pecker Damage

I thought this is a great picture showing the carpenter bee entry hole (perfectly round), the pollen trail and the wood pecker damage.

This is my house, no active damage for about 5 years.

WDI CBees Wpeckers 001 (Small).JPG

WDI CBees Wpeckers 001 (Small).JPG

Where is the woodpecker damage at?

excellant picture David…those buggers are trying to eat my house one board at a time…

Those look more like exit holes on the face of the siding, David. :slight_smile:

It is all damage from wood pecker except for the perfectly round hole at the bottom of the ceder siding. (that has the pollen and excretion)

I was standing there about 2 feet away earlier in the year watching the bee try to drill a hole in my treated fence post, they then moved to the fence pickets and found the siding nice to nest in. Cool creatures!!

No wood pecker going after the bees!!. Heard him knocking!!

Does not look like typical wood pecker damage to me either.