woodpecker did it?

Saw these holes throughout the exterior wood panels. Client said he researched it and it looks exactly like woodpecker damage. For me I must admit I’ve not seen this type of pattern. While there were holes throughout, the wood was not rotted and did not appear to have WDI defects.

Any ideas?

wood panels3.jpg

wood panels2.jpg

wood panels.jpg

Looks more like someone scraped something along the wall.

These holes were present throughout the exterior and in places that could not be easily reached.

Yes, typical woodpecker tracks…happens to RB&B and T-111 type siding all the time around here.

I found these marks(series of tiny holes in a line). I explained I wasn’t a bird expert, but the direction and pattern matched nesting areas for carpenter bee larva’s. So the marks could be from a bird, like a wood pecker, hunting for food.




Carpenter Bee’s made those, they bore straight in, then turn sideways, that one turned too soon.

Wood Peckers don’t use Levels, Square’s or Wood chisels, I have seen that type of damage done by Banding straps at the lumber yard. IMHO

That’s probably more likely than a woodpecker laying a straighter line than the contractor, but maybe not.

Check this link about halfway down the page. Looks just like the damage I saw today.



The same type of damage I posted. The carpeter bees build chambers, and the wood pecker must have heard each individual larva. The house I inspected also had many larger holes, but I found no nests in the attic.


I agree with Ken on this one. It looks like banding marks. It is really hard to tell by the photos.

Looks to me as though whoever installed the siding or purchased it went to the second hand/blem lumber yard…I see this alot out here where blem products are sold but still used for Coded applications. There are usually signs in the store/yard that warn about the use of their materials for certain applications.

But they could have been easily reached when the walls were laying down being built!

Brother-in-law’s cedar sided home had woodpeckers “drilling” holes in a horizontal line.

He got tired of it and got out his shotgun.

The soffit and and facia did not survive. :slight_smile:

I think there are voids between the filler sheets, which are laid in strips at right angles below the face layer. That would explain the straight lines - insects crawl along the voids, woodpeckers hunt them down. :cool:

John Kogel